Serious . At the very least, we can talk about some of the great things that can come from joining a fraternity. Joining a Greek-letter fraternity or sorority not only allows interaction and potential leadership development, it fosters long-lasting relationships and invites students to be a part of historical legacies. Not so much involved with it. 1. I am a senior now. Sororities and fraternities also provide the chance to merge the social with the academic. Rather than asking if sororities and fraternities are good or bad, you should ask if joining one is right for you. Do you naturally gravitate towards the world of business and psychology? Of course, you may not like every one of your brothers. I’m heavily involved with Omega Psi Phi.” – Terrence J. Close. September 2008. As you may already know, a significant  part of Greek life is about volunteering. In doing so, NSHSS connects members with global events. Benefits of joining a sorority/fraternity Resume fodder. Benefits of Membership Scholarship. It is something that makes them unique. Once you have pledged, and later fully joined, the fraternity, your brothers will be your brothers for life. You Might Be Stereotyped by Peers . Maybe you’ll have to kiss up to current members, but chance are you won’t have it as bad as you would if you’d pledged while still in school. In doing so, NSHSS connects members with global events, scholarships, college fairs, internships, career and leadership programs, partner discounts, and more. They provide connection and friendship when students are often far from home and familiarity. I am a senior in high school this year and have plans to attend the University of Hawaii at Manao next fall! However, in reality, modern-day sororities and fraternities are radically different from the way they are depicted on the silver screen. It has its reputation, and while it may not be for everyone, there are undeniable benefits to joining this community. Depending on how your fraternity works and is viewed by the university that you study at, you could get a lot of privileges on campus. Joining the Knights of Columbus, you become part of the largest Catholic fraternity in the world. Attached […], Synthesis Writing – What It Means and How to Do it! Like /u/get_real_quick mentioned, I'm also about 10ish years out and there are so many benefits of joining a Fraternity. to student members and how you can get involved. Those memories will make part of your life some of the happiest, strangest, and funniest you will ever have. Im going to the University of Kentucky, if that makes any difference. On the Benefits of Joining a Business Fraternity. Joining a fraternity is a process that begins with researching the frats that you're interested in to find a right match and then attending rush events in order to make your bids. Here a pharmacy student provides the truth about what joining a pharmacy fraternity offers. Step 1 . We don’t like the idea of your college years being “the golden years,” but there is some truth to the idea that time spent with your brothers will be cherished memories one day. Step-by-step Instructions . Are you taking a college course where your instructor doesn’t want you to […], Copyright 2021 Guy Counseling. If you are considering joining a fraternity or sorority, here are some benefits you might gain as a result: Though most people immediately think about the connections they could make on campus with peers while in a fraternity or sorority, it is also beneficial to think about the connections you can make with alumni and the future members of your chapter. “Being part of a fraternity has given me the foundation for everything I do in my career from the loyalty to the determination; it laid the foundation for everything I’ve been able to enjoy. When I was 19 the house elected me Treasurer and I was in charge of the budget. Nothing unique to the Greek system about boozing it up. As future … That said, a big part of the college experience is socialization, and fraternities make that part a lot easier. Fraternities and sororities are often associated with hazing, drinking and partying. Learn how fraternity and sorority members at the University of South Carolina promote the core values of scholarship, leadership, service and friendship. Sisterhood . A common deterrent for joining are the sometimes-negative stereotypes associated with Greek life. 1936 North Druid Hills Road This means that they not only enjoy social events, but also philanthropic ones as well. In fact, there are some fraternities that only exist for community service. In addition, though, employers will see a fraternity or sorority on your resume and know you made a commitment that you kept throughout your years in school. I joined a fraternity when I was a freshman at Ohio State. 1. Discover what makes NSHSS worth it to student members and how you can get involved. Many fraternities make it their mission to do good for the communities around them. Joining a professional pharmacy fraternity offers unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth, however some people will avoid them due to various negative stigma. In life, a new lesson is experienced almost every day. There are many advantages to doing charity work while you're in college. 5. * Social life - will more likely than not become more vivid and complex. If you’ve been thinking about possibly joining a fraternity, while either in college or after it, we want to show you how it might be the right thing for you. © 2021 The National Society of High School Scholars. That said, they are still your fraternity brothers, and you should have mutual respect for one another. Maybe they’ve heard about the benefits from their parents or older friends; or maybe they already know that the social activities and philanthropy events of the Greek system will allow them to have a vibrant social life as an undergraduate. Good chapters do a good job staying in contact with their alumni brothers. Yes, the members are my brothers. Whether you’re leaving school in a few weeks, have been out for a few years, or you haven’t stepped foot on a college campus in a few decades, you can still join a fraternity. You never know what opportunities these relationships could bring, and you will have the chance to help future students once you become established in your career as well. Being part of a fraternity or sorority can also boost your resume. Most importantly, you want to join a fraternity or sorority whose core values and belief systems align with your own. This is one of the key reasons why so many people join frats and sororities, and they rank as one of the most important and appealing aspects of college life. When you join a fraternity, you’re hopefully joining for life. There’s some serious work that needs to be done too. 1.866.343.1800 This is especially true now that we have chapter websites and social media. But being a part of a fraternity is not all fun and games. A social network is a large part of the college scene. Just over a year ago I was initiated into the international fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. Each chapter has a scholarship chair who provides programs and support for members. Rather than asking if sororities and fraternities are good or bad, you should ask if joining one is right for. For instance, you might get a house that you can live in with your fraternity brothers. I learned a lot of things. Social. This will often lead to employment opportunities to include internships for the undergraduate brothers, and jobs for graduating seniors. Brotherhood means building bonds between members and working towards not only a better campus overall but a better relationship with the surrounding communities. regarding fraternities and sororities to find out how the experience was for them. It comes with the territory. They'll stay up all night to cram for that final with you or bum around all day in pj's with you. Furthermore, fraternities offer a strong support system that can offer help and guidance when under stress, and studies show how students who join fraternities in their first semester show greater gains in growth, learning and development. You want to join a Greek organization that cares about their members, is welcoming, and has a firm grasp on its mission and core values. (More on networking later). When joining a well-sized fraternity, you are also joining a large organization with alumni working in fields all over the globe. You will all know each other, look out for each other, support each other, and have fun with each other. Being a part of a network like a fraternity isn’t a bad career move. What Are The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority? Benefits: many. Not only will this better your college experience in terms of parties and comradery, but it could also heighten your experience with other stuff like studying, living expenses, dining, and more. Fraternities aren't for everyone, though. The guys that I have met while in … Business fraternities are more about building and developing professional relationships and polishing the skills that can help you land a job and further your career. She has completed various internships with NBC Universal, WRNN-TV and Fox News. You have just received a stern email from your professor who is rather upset with you because the paper you submitted several days ago appears to be plagiarized. Joining a fraternity or sorority exposes students to a large network of collegiate members and alumni that can help undergraduates transition successfully into college life and help them find opportunities that will enhance their development. What’s really great about fraternities though is the sense of comradery and brotherhood. Being a part of a fraternity doesn’t just end at the graduation ceremony. Most of by closest friends are from the Fraternity. Spending time with fellow students and working toward shared goals is very rewarding if you commit to the journey. I joined a fraternity when I was a freshman at Ohio State. The fraternity is a great way to enhance the general experience through brotherhood and friendship. The first female astronaut was Greek. If you join a fraternity, there’s a very good chance you’re getting yourself invited to a whole bunch of parties. Benefits of joining a sorority/fraternity Philanthropy. The privileges don’t just stop there, however as there are many other privileges that could be made available to you. Keep in mind that fraternities aren’t all about beer kegs and bedsheets-turned-into-togas. It has been a really good experience. Although you may be in a sorority or fraternity and not spend a lot of time with it, you will get the little benefit without getting involved. Other campuses, however, offer Greek life as one of the only chances to enjoy a more social atmosphere. Becoming part of a fraternity or sorority can make your college years unforgettable. You won't just be encouraged to help other people if you get involved with Greek life; one of the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority is that you'll be required to participate in events and fundraisers that will help your community and the world at large. Benefits of Joining a Fraternity. It can make your college life richer than you imagine. That said, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider pledging somewhere and the reasons provided above are just a small piece. When people hear the word “fraternity,” they usually think parties, sex scandals, and brotherhood. You will get to meet new people who share common interests with you, and you’ll have the opportunity to make some really great friends. For instance, volunteering can help you decide on a career, help you … You could be pledging along with a future Congressman or a Fortune 500 CEO. However, the networking effect is much deeper than that. 404.235.5510 All are a great time, and one of the major benefits of joining a fraternity. Sororities and fraternities often provide opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the on-campus community, which will give you the chance to network with people in your chosen field. For me, joining a fraternity has caused others to label me as “a member of that business fraternity”, rather than who I am as an individual. /* Umbraco Web Design: MVC:*/ var y = "function f(x) {var i,s=\"\",l=x.length;for(i=0;i
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