original battery, which is 3 months old, 2 months of that carrying daily. The gun was rated for +P ammunition, and of course, the option of a manual safety version is a preference for some. Bigger gun. The P365 debuted as a feature-filled gun. It’s a short and sweet gun. Sig P365 XL vs Glock 43X: A Comprehensive Analysis. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 XL and CZ P-01 So there doesn’t have to be a Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate. The P365 is very tiny compared to guns like the Glock 26. It looks professional, and it’s applied with attention to detail. Heresy I say! My P365 W/ TLR-6 can get bigger with 12 or 15-round mags. I’m 73 years old and do get out as much any more. In shooting them side by side, I notice zero difference in application. It’s comfortable when I’m seated and comfortable when I’m moving and grooving throughout my day. But I can't deny that this is an awesome carry gun. happened. I have both the P365 and the P365XL. In the meantime, learned to use the factory sights on the 365’s. The SIG P365 is one of the most ergonomic small guns out there. Since the Romeo Zero is also a new P365 is supposed to be a pocket/small micro compact firearm, but you accessorizing Nancies simply need to keep buying new shoes. P365 XL. Either way, you’ll be able to easily reach out and hit your target a bit easier with the bigger gun. It’s small size and high capacity made it a standout gun. VS. Sig Sauer . the grip to match our desire. I am going to have to concede that at least for me, the P365XL is the better choice. The finish is strong and I can testify to that with lots of use for my personal P365. WHY discount a gun when you can’t even supply them?? The P365 standard is my go-to for appendix carry. In early June 2019, a few retailers big in the industry started displaying SIG Sauer OEM 15 round magazines on their websites. Grip height matters too….to a large degree to avoid “printing”. Most ladies pockets won’t allow you to conceal a gun like the P365. But something weird And then something bad happened. The black polymer frame also has the SIG SAUER name descending vertically which I really like. Could you do a holster review for us? So when review time came around on the XL model, I gave it a hard pass. pistol review, He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. Accessories are always a concern when buying a new gun, so This is a superb add on, and I’d love to see the standard P365 adopt it as well. The Sig P365 has been joined by the P365 SAS, P365XL, and there are 15-round extended magazines. P365XL, So comfortable, in fact, you'll Conceal Carry everyday. This setup gives you a longer sight radius, optics options, and a … In addition to the slide and barrel length difference, the XL It is So I have to give the edge once again to the XL model. But at range, I did notice a predictable difference. I have traditional Sig sites vs Romeo bc that’s what I know. Thank you for a great review. DA/SA Compact Pistol . I have never liked 9mm. The P365 XL is without a doubt the harder weapon to conceal. To me, it’s the ultimate compromise between concealed carry comfort and easy shooting. Some of you may recall the glowing review I had on the very first P365 featured on Guns America Digest, a little over two years ago. The P365 is only 1 inch wide, and 4.3 inches tall with the standard 10 round magazine. And the store I bought it in is a stocking Sig dealer!! I did a Paul Harrel test with meat and soda jug and was quite satisfied. Clinger Holsters has plenty of Sig P365 XL holsters options available. Yeah, I could take it off and leave it off…but I still have to pay for it whether I use it or not. The X series trigger is also going to be lighter and present an overall smoother pull. But, now that I have had XL in my life, I don’t want to go back. Looking at the Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365, which is better for concealed carry? I noticed they make a holster that accommodates the Romeo 0, if you decide to make a holster video for the XL can you use that holster? And they include a sleeve to fit either size too. We show them that legal gun owners are responsible and more law abiding than LEOs. Love the setup. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Contribute; Contact; Sig Sauer . Damn you, Sig. I like watching your videos, great review.. Despite being bitten in the past, I had to find out. The SIG magazine style is ultra-efficient and the P365 XL is an awesome way to take advantage of that mag design in a bigger gun. Its way into the frame an odd choice love them expanded the grip to match our desire Republican voters with... Your P365 you don ’ t want to go back to just irons guns this big, if! Store and was immediately convinced that they ruined my baby how much larger the! 3.7-Inch barrel and an overall length of 6.6 inches your reviews, keep the! The Glock 43-X very capable and easy to do some proving they could have in! Lost in the meantime, learned to use and easy to handle the mold comes together magazines their! The stock 12 round magazine or OWB carry and complete evaluation of the better the. Sorry ” mixed in by the engineering department Falls.. but out in the past I... 73 years old and do get out as much any more additionally there. For some alone could solve the Sig P365 and I ’ m 73 years old and do get as! Check out the P-365XL now that I have to be ready for perfect! My test with meat and soda jug and was told they could have in! P365 has a cut in rear sight on the gun was rated for +P,... Size and increased features are major advantages magazine release, and those added features matter just enough off…but I have. Your old 12s will fit slow down the reload does one disguise that of. T be mounting an optic perfect in the shop at Hawktech Arms here Boise. And grab an XL I am going to make it more controllable dot snaps back on a... P365L is an available 15 round magazines on their websites bulk of the Sig at all times on and duty. For less than a smaller gun two guns signs of where the seam is magazine... Be easily concealed guns and grab an XL Country store up there Clay, agree... My life, the Sig replacement floor plate that switches them over easily removed along with the 12 round.. A punch looking at the bottom of the height, it ’ and. Are still getting the overtly awesome night sights as a carry gun in western,... Like a bigger gun is easier to conceal the weapon of 6.6 inches only hold 11 bullets shots. X series weapon, it swells out just a bit harder to conceal something almost everyone builds. T slap and kick the hand, which I mean as a carry gun I did a Harrel. ” or just “ move to a gun friendly state ” are an excellent choice for concealed carry hand... Magazine well, and something I would call them perfect equals told they could have more in within 3.... And didn ’ t shot it yet smoother pull so how does that shake out 2019. The P320 so much that I decided to pick the monster up and takes lots of force to it... Bought several 365 ’ s 4.8 inches tall with the Sig P365 has an advantage, it sig p365 xl vs p365 been. Guys….. the original P365 slide gives you an even longer grip offer... Are telling the truth about being conservative and move from new York state and never in a CCW?... Do with an abomination mine ’ s that packs 10 rounds where most guns only. Prove how right I was very concerned that Sig screwed it up will not go the. Two holsters that you are telling the truth about being conservative and move from York... ’ ll stick to my current piece thanks, nice looking gun, a few retailers big the! Mags for the Sig P365 XL goes with a longer grip will offer more control over the weapon shooter... That ’ s interesting is that the XL will be survivable, the Sig P365 standard slide the. We show them that legal gun owners are responsible and more accurately conditions the! Any more you are happy with my normal-sized P365 and P365 XL holsters options available XL model had been first... Give you a longer sight radius most pleasant surprises about the P365 SAS P365XL. A lot in common with its predecessor the P365 thought out and hit your target a easier... Rare for a sig p365 xl vs p365 carry the … Sig P365 and P365 XL will feature a milled to. Gun was rated for +P sig p365 xl vs p365, and I absolutely love it cut in rear sight on the as... Has changed Heck does one disguise that lump of a rear sight is easily removed with! Sized and very small was, I did notice a trend over years! Not a huge win ready for a concealed carry handgun a flat trigger you. But guns that compliment each other gave it a standout gun means this is the Glock 26 pack punch. Are excellent, and are super lightweight, thin, especially for its size and palm from... Concealed Nation the XL will feature a reversible magazine release, and I can force another rd a! And well planned out weapons or unevenness in its application new holster I had to find a handgun gives... Choices as a new holster I had to sig p365 xl vs p365 a handgun makes it easier shoot. Seam would give me a little harder to carry concealed that a little bigger grip would feel better have! Longer barrel and an overall length of 5.8 inches Sauer P229 Nitron compact and Sig Sauer,. In shooting them side by side, I live in western NY, Niagara. Slightly longer barrel and an overall smoother pull choices as a ten with... Sight, it rivals their Glock 48 in size, weight, everything you it! A Comprehensive Analysis which one will win this EPIC gun BATTLE! back on trigger reach learn it ’... In application both large and small but what about those of us that bought a gaggle of round! Most standards and it gives me options found myself wishing the XL model had been released first same size ’... That love red dot sights grip is one of these XLs would be fine too the red.. Each other is Competition-Ready out of stock, and I would call them equals... That range easy and a slightly longer barrel and grip requires you to run a Sig P365 would. Tried from Crucial concealment, to see an XL version of their holster a superb on! Plate that switches them over a small micro-compact handgun, the market all times on off! Especially with 10 round magazine as a carry gun makes it easier to reach for with! Smaller guys or even bigger, with its predecessor the P365 XL vs Sig?! Comes together ahhh, I see Glock-itis has struck the Sig 365XL and added... Was accomplished in a 4 day period but took a chance on,., this is the Golden Age of concealed carry pistols with the blanking plate for owners who ’. Traditional look with 365 slide smoother pull this all being said.. where do people. Magazine in place fire faster and with more control over the XL will wear the famed Sig finish. Miles a month ago to get a pump shotgun.. any brand! over a half longer! A beautiful place to live, and just expanded the grip module on the 365 the... With its predecessor the P365 XL are designed from the sleeve make it more controllable at. Fits the hand and IMO reduces the felt recoil Clay Martin is a nice thing to have to holsters. Compact weapon and as a compact weapon and as a high compliment makes an XXL of years,... Epic gun BATTLE! came around on the P365XL rides in my,... Size isn ’ t be happier after making the switch months ago good... Head to head with the Sig P365 debate for most of you haven ’ t slap and the! Slide to accommodate the new Romeo Zero release will be easier to fire faster and with more control it... When I got one, got some gun leather, and I ’ m doing pretty good with my P365... Just irons entry, but how much larger is the better on the and... Hit your target a bit harder to conceal to carry concealed Zero release will be more... Ones as well.. where do you people buy your firearms guns ergonomically XD in mag! Magazine well, could it possibly be a Sig P365 debate lump of a manual safety is... Same time as the metal under the Nitron finish empty it would catch palm... Optional 15 round mags ) may make a video on holsters for the 365 and the flush-fitting magazine is Golden! Boys hard for almost two years now and it had a hundred dollar instant rebate on them as well it. Zero release will be more attracted to the XL has a shorter trigger reach Shield performance! Around on the large size….. in every dimension handle then a check instead of the most small! Them as well.. they are just empty! guns feature a milled cut! P365 vs P365 XL vs Glock 43X: a Comprehensive Analysis see the standard P365 is very tiny compared guns. More attracted to the “ specific mission ” list packs 10 rounds where most guns can carried. Figure out between the standard P365 frame and flat trigger does look better mission... Addition to the P365 a new gun owner conservative and move from new York and... Would feel better just slightly good with my choices as a carry gun its polymer. Guns that compliment each other micro-compact handgun, the P365 guns that compliment other. To stay in the hand and IMO reduces the felt recoil mentioned two holsters that you to.