In this section you can find universal grinding wheels – Bakelite for wet and dry work, magnetized and resinous for wet work, polishing felts and elastic disks. They can be used in angle grinders, drills, single-head polishing machines, polishing lines, single and multi-head edge grinders and manual processing. Silicon carbide SiC is the abrasive material used in those grinders – its hardness is second after diamond and it gives you optimal grinding parameters.


Metal and synthetic bound grinding wheels which can be used in single-head polishing machines, polishing lines, single and multi-head edge grinders. It includes diamond saws for cutting stone, sanding pads for wet and dry hand-held grinding machines, polishing machines, floor machines, diamond drills, shaped milling cutters, CNC machine tools, milling cutters for sculptors, diamond brushes, diamond rollers, etc. All tools have been available on the market for many years and have established reputation.


This section includes many grinding wheel handles, diverse in terms of mounting and application as well as devices in which they will be used. In addition, we offer articles for gilding and painting letters including 23 ¾ and 24 karat gold leaf and adhesives for applying gold. Stone chemistry allows you to protect, beautify and keep the stone clean. We also sell adhesives for stone joining in a wide range of colors.

Stonemason Tools provides services for masonry and construction enterprises and equips them with tools used to process natural stone.

Our offer includes magnetized and resinous grinding wheels for granite, marble, concrete, sandstone and artificial stone polishing. We also offer diamond tools for polishing, milling, drilling and cutting stone. Diamond tools are metal or synthetic-resinous bound. We also sell diamond saws used for cutting granite, marble, concrete and silestone, which are equipped with muffled disks and diamond segments produced in accordance with the newest diamond-placing “ARIX” technology.

Stonemason Tools offer also diamond and traditional brushes for stone calendering and “Antico” effect in many shapes and granulation degrees.

You can improve stone’s resistance to weather effects thanks to wide range of substances used for impregnating, crystalizing, color-strengthening, washing and maintaining the stone. We provide proven two-component polyester and epoxy adhesives for bonding stone, in neutral colors as well as artificially colored, both in solid or liquid form.

We offer handles for grinding tools in many sizes and different types of mounts and accessories for stonemasons that can facilitate and speed up the work. We sell memorial accessories like granite or bronze vases and lamps, letters, crosses, statues and bas-reliefs.

We sell by mail order throughout the whole Poland and through our experienced representatives who commute directly to customers across the country.

Stonemason Tools try to comprehensively equip our customers with tools of the highest quality, in continuous and fast manner.