About Us

Stonemason Tools is supplying grinding wheels and diamond tools for more than 50 years.

Our enterprise has been established in the 60’s of the last century. It was a very hard time for conducting business. Despite this John, our father, developed the technology of Bakelite bound grinding wheels’ production and saws used for cutting stone. They’ve replaced magnetized saws, were durable and had great abrasive properties. Diamond tools were not well known at that time. Later he introduced hand grinders like BOSCH and CELMA.

Universal properties of the binding (Bakelite grinding wheels can be used for dry and wet work) and the unique abrasive parameters were recognized by stonemasons and construction companies and are popular to this day. Their quality and price cannot be matched by national and foreign competitors. The merger of grinding wheel and handle has been patented and replaced the less secure adhesive bindings. After a couple of years we’ve started the production of magnetized and synthetic bound grinding wheels and “parapits”. Our offer includes a wide range of products designed for all tools used in masonry business, but our best selling products are grinding wheels for BRETON grinding machines with oscillating head. Today our products are made in 90% of resources delivered by esteemed foreign manufacturers.

Quality of our products is much higher than German or Italian ones.

We supplemented our offer with mixed bound grinding wheels manufactured by Spanish ABRESSA Company.

Stone work is inextricably linked with diamond tools. Due to cooperation with Japanese and Korean producers, our offer also includes diamond equipment such as: saws, cutters, grinding wheels and many more. We have all needed tools used in masonry with any binding imaginable which are ideal for stonemasons and construction companies.

Our motto states: the quickest delivery of the highest quality product for the best price.