Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels are probably the most important tools for stonemasons.

That is why we provide a huge selection for any type of stone work. Our products are first and foremost made with the top quality and durability in mind, so you can be sure that the grinder you use will do its job without a hitch. Secondly, the large variety and versatility of our product gives you an ability to work with any type of material - natural and artificial stone - with the same great efficiency.

Check the categories below to choose that suits your line of work - we provide grinding equipment for wet and dry work with natural and artificial stone and the quality of our products is guaranteed.

  • Universal grinding wheels for a multitude of tasks posing a challenge for stonemasons. They can be used bot for wet work and dry work with stone and their high quality is guaranteed.
  • felt grinding wheels, accomodated for various tool mounts - an ideal choice for dry work with stone. These are the best grinding wheels for those who prefer traditional polishing and grinding.
  • Grinding sand paper is the most traditional of all grinding tools for stonemasons. It doesn't mean that it is completely obsolete and should be totally replaced by grinding wheels - every stonemason company should have at least a couple dozen sand papers in their warehouse when a more classic approach to grinding and polishing is required.
  • Fibra disks, used for precise polishing and cleaning of the hardest stones.
  • Dry work

    dry work grindersGrinding wheels in this section are ideal for dry polishing of stone and concrete.
    They include: Bakelite grinders with SH mount, M14, polishing felts, sandpapers for stone and Fibra discs.
    Those tools have a very fast polishing speed, as they are in 90% made of abrasive grains.

  • Wet work

    wet work grinding wheelsGrinding wheels for wet stone and concrete polishing.
    This section includes grinders with magnetized, magnetized-resin and resin binders that ensure the best effeciency and work comfort. Thanks to such excellent stone tools you can superbly polish granite, marble, concrete, taraso and artificial stone without any problems.