Diamond grinding wheels - information for you

Diamond grinding wheels - information

Diamond grinding wheels - what you know about them. Stone work requires the use of appropriate technologies and durable tools, because only then it is possible to give the hard material a suitable shape so all edges are perfectly smooth and even. Diamond grinding wheels are the best for this purpose - their remarkable durability makes them widely used in construction. If you want to know more about them, then this article is for you.
Diamond grinding wheels - basic information

  • Tiny crystals of synthetic diamond and a metal binder are used in the production of Diamond grinding wheels.
  • Diamond grinding wheels have steel bodies and their edges are covered with diamond powder.
  • Diamond rims, which are formed when crystals are combined with the binder, can be brazed or welded to a steel disk.
  • The most important element of the diamond grinding wheel is its abrasive segment, which appears in two types: traditional and modern. Traditional segment consists of evenly spaced crystals in the binder, while the modern is composed of grains arranged uniformly. Diamond grinders of the second type have a considerably higher working speed and the length of the cut.
  • Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into several types, taking into account the performance of the grinder, working conditions and the type of material that can be used to process. Due to the first criterion, we can distinguish continuous layers, segment layer with slots and without slots. In the second category, we may find diamond blades for cutting concrete, asphalt, polymer concrete, reinforced concrete, old concrete, fresh concrete and cobblestones. The last division concerns working conditions and allows us to distinguish between the diamond grinding wheels for dry cutting, wet work and dry and wet works at the same time.
  • Diamond grinding wheels are used primarily for grinding and lapping of cutting tools as well as (of course) grinding and polishing of the hardest natural and artificial stones.
  • Diamond grinders are also produced using a resin binder.
  • The main advantages of diamond grinding wheels are excellent effectiveness and efficiency, the ability to produce nearly perfectly smooth surfaces, the possibility of working either with cooling or without it. They are universal and are suitable for pre-treatment and finishing. In addition, they have a very broad application and can be used both for dry and wet works, which is a huge plus when you deal with fragile and delicate materials.
  • Diamond grinding wheels (see more www.stonemasontools.co.uk/diamond-tools ) are suitable not only for the processing of granite and concrete. They can also be effectively used for cutting and grinding of glass, ceramics, carbide, ferrite, silicon, plastic reinforced with glass fiber and heat-resistant materials.
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